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Benefits and Features

We're not sure how to format this page nicely yet, but I know we Techy folks we love seeing the details so here's a list of Benefits and Features that hopefully spell out what we do.

Never worry about someone missing an account to be deactivated again.

Disable users based on the rules you provide.

All users and all fields are checked every run of the integration.

Org charts that don't go stale!

  • Update the Manager field which keeps an up-to-date listing of who manages who in your Microsoft Teams View, and all across Microsoft tools.

Allow users and managers to self serve initial email and pass

  • Sync emails and initial passwords back into your HR system.

Never manually configure accounts in any system again!

  • SCIM isn't available? Have AutoIDM manage those systems

Automating signatures with tools like Exclaimer, Codetwo, or Crossware is easy when your fields are all up to date.

  • Addresses are always up to date for every user, which maps perfectly to their email signature.

  • Sync photos from the HR system which works with Signatures, Teams, and more.

Customization managed and maintained by AutoIDM

Here's some examples of interesting customizations we've implmemented for our customers. Every business is unique and automation either fails or suceeds due to customization needs. We are up to the task here's some examples.

  • Create users 10 days ahead of their start date in an inactive or active status.

  • Send emails during any part of this process that you can imagine to trigger automations or other processes on your teams end

  • Generate usernames without common suffixes or prefixes like JR or SR

  • Sync additional fields to extensionAttributes 1-15 in Microsoft 365 for things like name prefix's, name suffix's, pronouns, and Dynamic Group mangement

  • If the users is in their first 90 days put them in a higher security group so your security software has different thresholds. Change this threshold when the user has a termination date set

  • AutoIDM Ignore Groups ensure certain users are never managed by AutoIDM.

  • Ignore certain fields with specialized Ignore Groups or Ignore messages in the description field so fields like "Title" are never updated for users that we need Titles that don't match HR (In this case there are very few of these so an override was the best option

Never manually configure accounts in any system again!

  • SCIM isn't available? Have AutoIDM manage those systems

Never manually configure accounts in any system again even if SCIM isn't avai

  • We can manage almost any down stream app assuming there's a consistent api

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