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Orphaned Account Detector

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FREE: Step by Step framework for finding unused licenses 

Our powerful Orphaned Account Detector saves an average of $2,000 annually in license costs. We show you how to seamlessly integrate data from your HR system and Active Directory, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace system to identify accounts that are disabled in your HR system but still active in your Directory system.

Bob dropped 80 Azure Licenses after AutoIDM implemented the Orphaned Account Report for him, don't take our word for it!

Bob Consorti, IT Director

North East Educational and Developmental Support Center

"We dropped over 80 premium office licenses, that's a substational amount of money a month."

Customers who use us

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About the Founder

Derek Visch is the founder of AutoIDM. Before starting AutoIDM in 2020, Derek worked for over seven years in K-12 schools. He helped over 500 school districts and managed over 5 million accounts.

Derek saw a big problem: "Why doesn't every business automate their user management?" He knew there was no reason we couldn't do it. Manual IT work is important, but it often stops IT teams from doing more important things.

Some people use custom scripts, but these scripts need a lot of care. They need fixing and updating, and can be hard to manage if the person who made them leaves. Other tools have the same problems as custom scripts and cost more money! AutoIDM is different. It offers a strong, easy solution that doesn't need custom scripts. This helps IT teams work on more important tasks and makes businesses run better. Have a problem? Just send us an email.

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