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Bob Consorti - Needs Center - BambooHR to EntraID (AzureAD) - Case Study

Updated: May 29

We interviewed Bob Consorti regarding his success with AutoIDM. Below is a summary of what he had to say!


Bob Consorti - IT Directory - North East Educational and Developmental Support Center.

Bob helps manage teams focus on automating and getting the most out of their technology.


The Needs Center had a lot of manual entry. "Before partnering with AutoIDM everything was manual". Things were double- and triple-manually entered between HR and Emails between different people. To help address this, Bob looked for a tool that would make their HRIS (BambooHR) and EntraID (Microsoft / AzureAD) connect by making BambooHR their single source of truth.


The main hesitation in setting up a new system was finding the correct tool to do the job. When Bob found AutoIDM, he knew right away that it fit exactly his needs.


After Bob partnered with AutoIDM to connect BambooHR and EntraID, he quickly realized how great the process and customer service at AutoIDM were. AutoIDM gave him all the required documentation to review his existing accounts in EntraID and BambooHR. AutoIDM also built a Business Rules document containing all of the rule mappings Bob wanted to make between BambooHR and EntraID. "You made the onboarding process ridiculously easy"


Bob and the Needs Center saved countless hours a week just by manually creating accounts and updating fields.

Bob also found roughly 80 accounts that could have their License deactivated in EntraID, saving tons of monthly costs. "We dropped over 80 Azure Licenses by the time we finished cleaning up all the accounts"


Bob recommends AutoIDM to any business 50-5000+ employees. He knows that the value is there, and it's obvious that AutoIDM can scale up to high employee counts based on how much turnover the Needs Center has.

Wrap Up

If any of this interests you, and you'd like to find out more, schedule a meeting with AutoIDM at You can be just like Bob!

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