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Services: Provisioning

The easiest way to sync your Applications

We help construction technology teams automate their employee onboarding and offboarding process with our managed cloud-based software (on-premise available).


We pull data directly from your HR system to populate your directory (Active Directory, Microsoft 365 (EntraID), Google Workspace, Onelogin, Okta) and SaaS applications. 

How are we different?

  • No software for your team to learn

  • No software to maintain

  • No configuration for your team to manage

  • Errors are handled by our team, not yours

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FREE: Step by Step framework for finding unused licenses 

Our powerful Orphaned Account Detector saves an average of $2,000 annually in license costs. We show you how to seamlessly integrate data from your HR system and Active Directory, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspace system to identify accounts that are disabled in your HR system but still active in your Directory system.

Customers who use us

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Case Study: Needs Center

Bob dropped 80 Azure Licenses after implementing with AutoIDM 

Bob Consorti, IT Director

North East Educational and Developmental Support Center

"You could have charged us triple and we would have still would have made out like a bandit in terms of the return on investment. The reduction in the number of hours that it took to create and setup accounts was one thing, the reduction of the recurring license fees was another. Using AutoIDM we saved a boatload of Money and improved our processes. We dropped over 80 premium office licenses, that's a substational amount of money a month."
Services: Consulting


Active Employees
$1,000 / year
$10 / user / year
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Google Workspace
Active Directory

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