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Services: Provisioning


Still manually creating accounts?

Do you value clean data, and your teams time? No one wants to spend time automating provisioning when you have your business to work on. Have us automate your existing HR to IT processes as a service.


We pull data directly from your HR system to populate your directory (Active Directory, Microsoft 365 (EntraID), Google Workspace, Onelogin, Okta).

How are we different?

  • No software for your team to learn

  • No software to maintain

  • No configuration for your team to manage

  • Errors are handled by our team, not yours

Schedule a meeting to learn more! 

Featured Integration


Active Employees
$1,000 / year
$10 / user / year
Exponentially reduced as employee count increases. Contact us
Services: Consulting
Azure Active Directory / O365 / Office 365
GSuite / Google Apps
Active Directory / AD
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